Leopard, Moremi

The Leopard and the Hippo, a Cisco Letio Story

“I have been guiding for many years, and the recent expedition I led with Island Mobile Safaris into the bush with the McClean family, is one that will stay with me forever.

I feel so humbled and privileged to share and work in this beautiful country of Botswana.

It was exciting exploring not only the drier parts of Moremi Game Reserve but the heart of the Okavango too. Experiencing game viewing on both boat and safari vehicle gave us the opportunity to see so many different animals and not to mention birds.

A particularly special sighting was when we saw the sign of vultures, and upon closer investigation we found a hippo that had died of what seemed to be natural causes, possibly a fight with another hippo. But, laying by the carcass was a beautiful male leopard enjoying some of the hippo carcass.

We saw a total of 6 different leopard on this safari, something that even I, in my guiding career found quite astonishing.

The McClean family were really the nicest folk to show around my back yard, enjoying stargazing nights and guiding quiz competitions. Heritage safaris are really camping at its best, taking in the best there is, and living the dream of a true safari experience in Botswana.”

– Cisco Letio