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A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 1)

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 1 Intro) The close proximity in the bush has a way of making or breaking relationships. After we had been together for a couple of months, Britt and I had decided that we wanted our relationship to be more than just temporary. We had many friends who had built […]

Bob and the Leopard

Bob the baboon

Bob was a name Britt and I gave to a problem male baboon while we were working at Savannah Camp. This fellow used to take great delight in tormenting us, raiding our kitchens and dining area and harassing staff. We could never get a bead on the fellow as he always saw us way before […]

Wild Dog Night

Savannah Camp was set in a number of ranks so to speak under a grove of Camel Thorn trees which had arranged themselves in a semi circle along an ancient waterway or floodplain. The front rank was the tented accommodation with the dining room at the centre like a tank in the middle of a […]

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