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Introduction to Leroo-La-Tau

As time wore on, we returned to our plot of land on the Boteti, this time to build our lodge. We had developed a problem though and this was what to call the Lodge. Our Campsite, that we had built the previous year was called Xwaraga Campsite, but this name was proving difficult for visitors […]

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) – A Lion Family Visit

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) – A Lion Family Visit Lions playing

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) Sometime during this same holiday, Britt and I woke up to an incredibly strange sound. It was just before sunrise and the sky was already turning. If you looked out the window you could just see and everything had a blue tinge to it. Our little room didn’t […]

First Night on the Boteti

We arrived after dark, and it really was very dark. We had been driving all day and were exhausted. We had vehicles and trailers, loaded to the brim with supplies we figured we would be needing to set up the rest of our lives. On a previous visit we had identified our campsite and found […]

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