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Opening up our facilities to members unfortunately requires that we also provide some terms and conditions by which to encourage responsible patronage. The following terms and conditions have been established to assure the success of a continued and mutual relationship between Island and its members.

Members are requested to cooperate in upholding and in applying these terms and conditions, and are requested to assist in their implementation as well as to make suggestions on how Island can better improve our facilities while maintaining our intended ethos.

Right of Admission Reserved

Island Safaris premises are protected by a “Right of Admission Reserved” clause and as such, management may limit or restrict access of its facilities. We encourage the patronage of those who will make respectful use of our facilities and therefore restrict access to the following groups of people:

  1. Guests of Island Safaris
  2. Residents of the lodge and campsite
  3. Residents of the houses on the property and their guests
  4. Government and/or Council Officials on duty
  5. Sub-contractors of Island Safaris
  6. Members of “Friends of Island”

General Rules and Admission Policies

  1. Membership is directly for a named individual, and valid for that member only
  2. Families wishing to become members will have to apply for each member of the family that is under the age of 18 and should list these on the application form.
  3. Members wishing to make use of the facilities need to park at the Island Reception, sign in the registration book provided before making use of the facility of their choice. For the time being the option to sign in at the main gate or to leave a vehicle there is not available.
  4. All members need to present their own membership cards to sign in
  5. Members wishing to bring friends may do so, friends in the company of a member shall get a 20% discount on the entry fee, but the member needs to understand that they are responsible for their guests and should make sure they also adhere to the conditions of this contract. A member can lose their membership if those accompanying them are deemed to be flouting the Terms and Conditions or General Rules.
  6. Guests who come more than 5 times with a member should become members themselves.
  7. Membership cards are not transferrable.
  8. All members of 18 years or over will be required to fill an indemnity form of their own, Parents may fill in one on behalf of family members under the 18. Parents who are members wishing to bring children under the age of 18 who are friends of their children shall also be asked to sign indemnities for these children that are not their own, for the duration of the visit.
  9. Part of the membership is not only to encourage you to make use of our facilities but also for you to be a real friend to Island and to support us in return both socially and financially which includes supporting our other facilities, supporting our events and supporting our growth as well.
  10. Tracks and paths have been provided throughout the property, so for safety reasons and to avoid paths and tracks developing where not intended, all patrons must stick to documented paths and tracks, and refrain from off-road (or off track) activities of any kind, this includes cycling, jogging, walking, riding, driving or any other. The only exception is if booked on a bush walk with one of Island’s guides.
  11. Notices displayed on the premises identify legal requirements for the safety of everyone present. These and the 30km/h speed limit must be complied with at all times by Members and visitors without exception. Failure to comply could have serious consequences of injury or death to other users and to fauna that call this property home and will not be tolerated.
  12. We do not endorse pets of any kind even those on a leash on the property, we also prohibit the use of motorised bikes/quads, or any weapons (other than sticks) and traps of any description will not be allowed on the property.
  13. Littering is frowned upon. Where possible litter should be collected by patrons and deposited into the bins provided.
  14. Only items purchased from the establishment may be consumed on the premises, so no cool boxes or containers or food of any kind may be brought onto the premises.

Application Details

If your application is accepted, your membership will be valid until the end of the 31st December of this year.

Fee Structures

The annual fees structured in this Agreement are for a full year and any members joining mid-year will be charged a proportional Membership fee that will validate them until the end of the year.

Rules and Regulations Specific to Activities

Swimming Rules and Admission Policies

  1. The pool is open daily from 10:00 – 18:00.
  2. Please adhere to the pool rules as per the signs near each pool.

Kids Play Area

  1. The children’s playground is open daily from 08:00 – 19:00.
  2. Children to be under parent or guardian supervision at all times.
  3. Children to play at their own risk.
  4. Only small children may use the jumping castle.
  5. No littering.

Walking and Jogging Rules and Admission Policies

  1. Walking/jogging will only be permitted daily from 06:00 – 19:00.
  2. For safety reasons all patrons must walk/jog on designated paths only, please find out more about where these are before commencing your activity.
  3. Bush walks are only permitted when accompanied by one of our professional guides which can be arranged at short notice. Kindly enquire at reception.
  4. All routes operate in a clockwise fashion.

Cycling Rules and Admission Policies

  1. Cycling will only be permitted daily from 06:00 – 19:00.
  2. For safety reasons all patrons must cycle on designated pathways only, so please find out more about where these are before commencing your activity.
  3. You are reminded to be courteous, alert, and to always ride in an orderly fashion so you don’t get in each other’s way, as well as those walking, jogging or horse-riding on the road.
  4. All routes operate in a clockwise fashion.

Horse-riding Rules and Admission Policies

  1. Horse-riding at Island can only be done if done through an agreement with Eileen Pienke of Gaborone Stables.
  2. No other horses will be allowed on the property.

Expansion of Facilities

Island intends to expand its facilities and with each new idea, new regulations need to be set pertaining to the expected use of that new facility. Existing Members would need to be informed of changes but would not automatically be included in any new developments.

Termination of Membership

It should be noted that the perceived abuse of Island or these Terms and Conditions may result in Members being asked to vacate the premises and may result in revocation of their membership privileges. No refunds will be given.

Waiver & Indemnity

By signing this document, you acknowledge that for the duration of your stay with us, and while you make use of any service (that is any accommodation, tour, holiday excursion, outing or safari both on or off our property also including but not limited to any form of transport or travel) that we either supply or book for you, you agree to waive any claim against us or any person we book with whatsoever. These services will be referred to in the rest of this document simply as ‘services’ and any one we use to provide these services including but not restricted to ourselves will be referred to simply as ‘us’.

You need to be aware that by entering into this agreement and making use of any of the ‘services’ you may be exposing yourself to injury, loss or even death. You may also be exposing your assets to damage, theft or loss and you may be exposing your dependants to the same dangers as you expose yourself. You need to be aware of all possible dangers at all times and know that it is your responsibility to guard yourself against these potential hazards. By signing this document you will be agreeing that we are not in any way responsible and neither you, nor your executors, nor your dependants, nor any third party wishing to claim from us in any way will be able to do so in the event of an incident, howsoever caused. You also acknowledge that you are legally allowed to sign this document.

Please also keep in mind that at any time before your time using our ‘services’ starts or while you are already using our ‘services’, we have the authority to make any alteration or cancellation we deem necessary to your stay without informing you. We also have the authority to prematurely end your time of using our ‘services’ if you in any way force us to make this difficult decision, and furthermore e can claim the expenses for this decision from you.

This is really all important so read the whole thing again before signing because when you sign, you hereby indemnify us and all our SERVICES in every respect of any claim whatsoever.

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