Enjoy Guided Tours of the Island Sanctuary on an Open Go-Cart Style Vehicle

Set on a 300-acre private island reserve, Island Safari Lodge offers an adventure which gives exposure to the inhabitants around our sanctuary.

The Shongololo Adventure is carried out in an open go-cart type vehicle pulling sets of trailers forming a work-like structure hence the name, Shongolo meaning worm. This vehicle carries a maximum of 12 people.

This adventure is not a game drive, but a unique activity allowing you to experience the island sanctuary.

The Stargazer

With a total of 2 ½ hours, this activity involves a little time spent stargazing, scorpion hunting and short walks. This is a guided drive, so there will be various stops for little chats on what night-life has to offer.

The Daybreaker Adventure

These trips lasts 2 hours mainly focusing on investigating what was left behind from the nightlife around the property. Depending on the time of the year, it might start in the dark.

The Twitcher Adventure

The trip lasts 2 ½ hours focused on birding and little time spent by waterholes and other key areas enjoying whoever comes down for a drink.

The Twilighter Adventure

This trip lasts 2 ½ hours and has perks of experiencing a sunset view depending on the time of the year. At some point, the driver will stop and give guests an opportunity to walk around and a sundowner for those who bring anything with them.