Lion cubs playing

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5) – A Lion Family Visit

A Meeting of 2 Families (Part 5)

Sometime during this same holiday, Britt and I woke up to an incredibly strange sound. It was just before sunrise and the sky was already turning. If you looked out the window you could just see and everything had a blue tinge to it. Our little room didn’t have windows, but just openings covered with shade netting gauze to stop mosquitos coming in, and directly behind where our bed was situated was the pathway leading up from the staff camp.The noise we heard was seemed to be a cross between a little bark and a little “miaou” but a very short and sharp “eou”. I had never heard it before and only rolling over and looking out the window made me understand what had made it. There was a pride of lionesses coming up the path and with them the absolute cutest little bundles of fur making these sweet little noises to their moms. We so badly wanted to let our folks know, but were afraid that any noise we made would break the peacefulness of the scene.

As the family walked around our cottage they headed directly between the tents our folks were using. We whistled and my dad answered us, he had also heard the cubs, he and my mom were both awake and waiting for their sighting of the cubs. Dad whistled and whispered loudly enough to wake Britt’s mom, and told her about the coming lions. At this point they had just left our cottage. Shelagh was trying to wake Dudley, and when he did roll over to see what the fuss was about as he looked out the window he looked straight into the passing family.

If you have never experienced this before it is quite something. We often revert to the power and majesty of lions, but the peace and innocence of this experience has stayed with me my entire life and is one of my most prized encounters. I don’t know what it was exactly or why it is so special, but everything about that morning, the coolness, the bluish light, the purity of the cubs and the way they walked between the females, the way the mothers moaned answers each time the cubs called to them. It was just stunning pristine and one couldn’t ask for a better way to wake up on a morning.